Frequently Asked Questions

Problems are worked on in the order they are received and our service is 24/7. As soon as you submit your problem details, an agent is assigned. We start to resolve all issues within a few hours of receiving them.

Yes. You have to pay first because this secures instant support on your issue and makes sure our agents will work until they resolve it.

We have a cutting edge ticket system that all your details are entered in and allows you to communicate with your agent instantly any time you want. See an example of how this looks below. You can also reply directly to any ticket update emails, within your email system, and your reply will be entered in our ticket system automatically.

For $65 Per Month we will address all Task that involves WordPress. A single request can be any specific task you need completed when you submit your ticket details.

We charge $65 per Month. Whether your issue is small or big, we don’t charge more than $65 Per Month regardless of how long it takes to complete.

Yes. There are some special situations where we charge more than $65 like WordPress Infection Malware/Virus Removal and our WordPress Speed Up Service. These two services are extremely detailed. We will notify you if your request does not fit into our $65 pricing.

At the very least, we will need an administrative login to your WordPress site. Remember, a mechanic can not fix your car without the keys! We need a login so we can take closer look under the hood and get your issue resolved quickly. In some cases but not all, your assigned agent may need other information including host, control panel or FTP details to properly work on your ticket.

Yes. Our agents are highly skilled in all things WordPress. This includes WordPress core platform, themes and plugins. We are also very familiar with WordPress hosting setup and server requirements for WordPress.