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Want to Speed Up WordPress Website then remove Emojis

From 4.2 version and on WordPress supports by default the Emojis. This is a great thing if you like using them in your posts and comments but its not the best thing to do if you want to make sure your WordPress site loads as fast as possible.

Below you can see the amount of javascript which is loaded in every page of your WordPress site, called by /wp-includes/js/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.2.2

If you’re looking to remove emoji’s from your WordPress installation then you can follow one of the two ways which can be found below:

Disable Emojis using functions.php

The best way to remove emoji from your post and pages header is to add the following code to your theme or child theme(preferably) functions.php file.
remove_action( 'wp_head', 'print_emoji_detection_script', 7 );
remove_action( 'admin_print_scripts', 'print_emoji_detection_script' );
remove_action( 'wp_print_styles', 'print_emoji_styles' );
remove_action( 'admin_print_styles', 'print_emoji_styles' );

Use a plugin which disables Emojis

If you don’t feel comfortable messing with your theme’s function.php(even though its a very simple edit) you can use a plugin instead. Ryan Helner created the Disable Emojis Plugin which lets you do just that!

Keep in mind that even though you remove emojis they can still work(without hurting your site speed performance) through browsers which have built in support for them.

- WP COPE - Wordpress 24x7 Support, , Array

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